Target is brought to you by Apollo Research, the leader in media measurement and analysis for the technology and IT services sectors.

Apollo offers a range of research and tools to help clients plan -and assess the outcome of- their PR and influencer relations activities.

Our research provides actionable intelligence to help you make sense of what’s being said about you and your competitors in the media. We turn the coverage into clear insights that help you measure, report and plan your communications.

And we do this better than anyone. We believe it’s because of our experience, our focus on the technology and services sectors, and the strength of our research model.

Since 2005, in response to the needs of its clients, Apollo has increased the scope of its programme to include 27 countries across the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa.  We now work closely with over 200 tech companies and agencies helping them understand their PR performance as well as giving them the tools to improve the quality and quantity of their coverage.

We continue to strive to bring our clients the very best media measurement and analytical services, through a program of on-going research and investment designed to keep pace with the ever-evolving needs of our market.

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