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Report:Chief Information Security Officers
Date:October 2016
Author:Richard Laven
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Published in October 2016, this report lists the top 300 people, media and organisations that are followed most by over 1,800 Chief Information Security Officers located in the USA.

CISOs are responsible for ensuring that the organisations they work for are protected against cyber attacks. These important executives are, therefore, responsible for spending millions of dollars of IT spend each year and this report sheds light on where they go for information and advice. It is essential reading for anyone involved in marketing or selling to CISOs in the USA.


This 45 page report is packed with essential information on who or what influences over 1,800 Chief Information Security Officers based in the USA.

Listed below are the contents of the report:

  • What occupies a CISO’s mind?
  • The Top 30 Influencers Overall
  • The 30 Most Influential People
  • The Target Relevancy Index Top 50 – a look at those influencers who position their content specifically for CISOs
  • The Categories
    • Technology News
    • Security Advisors & Consultants
    • Security Firms
    • Security Experts at Vendors
    • Technology Writers
    • General News
    • Training/Educational Firms
    • Public Service Organisations
    • Security Experts – General
    • Forums/Communities/User Groups
    • Business News
    • Technology Specialists
    • Technology Analysts
    • Analyst Firms
  • Interests
    • Celebs (actors, TV stars, etc.)
    • Comedy
    • Entertainment (shows, etc.)
    • Music
    • Political
    • Space/Science
    • Sport
    • Technology Organisations
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Senior Technology Executives
    • Book Authors
  • Appendix A – A complete list of the Top 300 in alphabetical order
  • Appendix B – The top 50 non tech Influencers

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