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The Shop Digital Marketers – USA – 2016
Report:Digital Marketers
Date:December 2016
Author:Richard Laven
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Published in December 2016, this report lists the top 300 people, media and organisations that are followed most by over 7,400 digital marketers located in the USA.

Forrester predicts that by 2019 over $100 billion will be spent on digital marketing in the USA. The influencers in this report are the ones that reach more digital marketers in the USA than any other.

If you are a marketing services agency, a marketing tech firm, a marketing research business or anyone who needs to know what digital marketers read, who they turn to for information and insight, the companies they pay most attention to, or the exhibitions/conferences they attend, then this report is essential reading for you.


This 41 page report is packed with essential information on who or what influences over 7,400 digital marketers based in the USA.

Listed below are the contents of the report:

  • What occupies a digital marketer’s mind?
  • The Top 30 Influencers Overall
  • The 30 Most Influential People
  • The Target Relevancy Index Top 50 – a look at those influencers who position their content specifically for digital marketers
  • The Categories
    • Marketing News – 46 marketing news sources that digital marketers read the most.
    • Marketing Advisors & Consultants – 110 of the top marketing advisors most followed by digital marketers.
    • Marketing Technology Firms – the 35 companies that have the largest following amongst digital marketers.
    • In-House Marketers – the 40 in-house marketers who have the biggest influence on digital marketers.
    • Marketing Services – the 30 agencies and research companies that digital marketers pay the most attention to.
    • Writers – the 11 writers that have the biggest impact on the digital marketing community
    • Other categories include:
      • Analyst firms
      • Analysts
      • Forums and communities
      • Shows, conferences and exhibitions
      • Trade association
  • The Top 10
    • News feeds
      • Business news-feeds
      • General news-feeds
      • Technology news-feeds
    • Venture capitalists
    • Interests:
      • Celebs (actors, TV stars, etc.)
      • Comedy
      • Entertainment (shows, etc.)
      • Music
      • Political
      • Space/Science
      • Sport
  • Appendix A – A complete list of the Top 300 in alphabetical order
  • Appendix B – The top 50 non tech Influencers

Online Data Set

There is no online dataset to accompany this report

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